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Sara Matlin coaches nonprofits and grantmakers in understanding their advocacy rights and responsibilities. She provides consulting services and workshops to help you decide which advocacy tactics and compliance structures best match your organization’s values and capacity.

Consulting, Coaching, and Legal Advice

Can we say this?

How to match your communications and social media content with your organization’s tax status, risk tolerance, funding, and capacity.

Can we do this?

How to structure your organization’s activities to fulfill your mission, push for real community change, and still protect your nonprofit status.

Problem-solving for nonprofit advocacy organizations

Troubleshooting, triage, and legal advice to figure out what to do when things don’t go right.

Operations and compliance

Once you’re familiar with the basic nonprofit advocacy rules, Sara will help you create, update, or streamline your organization’s guidelines, agreements, and reporting systems.


Workshops for your organization, foundation, or coalition about nonprofit advocacy rights

  • Lobbying
  • Nonpartisan accountability advocacy
  • Nonpartisan voter and candidate engagement
  • Advocacy Funding
  • Affiliated Organizations and Coalitions
  • California Lobbying and Ballot Measures

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